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Outdoor Facilities

Movement, fitness and fun

Public parkour parks provide ideal areas for communities to explore movement, improve health and have fun through exploration and play.

Each space is created to be fully inclusive, catering for everyone from complete beginners through to elite athletes. Safety is always paramount in our designs, as we design to the European Standard for Parkour Equipment – Safety requirements and test methods BS EN16899:2016 – which we helped to create.

Parkour parks come in many forms, from a sculptural concrete and steel aesthetic in an urban environment to an all-natural look and feel that sits in harmony within green spaces. We collaborate with fabricators and suppliers nationwide to provide the best install possible, now and for years to come.

More than just concrete and steel

Within the UK most of our parkour parks are built within public natural parks surrounded by grass and trees.

When creating a parkour park within a natural environment we do so in a sympathetic and balanced way using natural play equipment coupled with bespoke structures and landscaping to provide a great space to train in, play in and simply to be in.

We consider all who will visit these parks, now and in the future creating a comprehensive design for all.

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