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Indoor Facilities

Efficient space to learn safely

Like the sport of climbing, parkour has expanded from a purely outdoor activity to a booming indoor business. Dedicated parkour facilities can be a haven for practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes, and offer many benefits to a community both physically and mentally.

We have been creating parkour facilities since 2007 and our experience allows us to offer a wide range of services, covering any or all parts of the process.

Experience is what holds us apart: we designed the very first parkour facilities in the world and our work is always informed by our professional coaching department.

In the design stage of the project we will work with you to provide innovative and unique concept designs specific to your venue and business plan. From here we turn ideas into reality with our trusted, experienced professional fabricators who will build your new facility to the highest standard.

Beyond this our team can help activate the space with a marketing strategy and launch event to kick start your journey.

Multi use environments for all

Demand has never been higher for environments that encourage and promote movement, inclusivity and health, and ones that support a multitude of disciplines. Working closely with our team of dedicated professional athletes and designers, as well as state-of-the-art fitness equipment suppliers, we provide multi-use spaces that increase and improve the usability and further the potential clientele and success of your space.

Such spaces include gym and fitness equipment, bouldering zones, gymnastic sprung flooring and calisthenics frameworks to name a few. Whilst parkour is our business we believe in a holistic approach to all movement and fitness.

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